25 frasi ispiratrici sull’autostima per sentirsi sicuri e positivi ogni giorno

25 Inspiring Quotes on Self-Esteem to Feel Confident and Positive Every Day

Self-esteem is an instrumental part of leading a happy and fulfilled life. It’s a concept that affects every aspect of our being, including our relationships, careers, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, self-esteem is something that many people struggle with, leading to feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and self-doubt.

If you find yourself struggling with self-esteem, you’re not alone. Everyone experiences dips in self-confidence from time to time, but it’s important to remember that you are capable and worthy of success and happiness. To help you on your journey towards building your self-esteem, we’ve compiled a list of 25 inspiring quotes to help you feel confident and positive every day.

1. “You are enough just as you are.” – Megan Markle
2. “Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your handbrake on.” – Maxwell Maltz
3. “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson
4. “Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less-than-perfect conditions. So what? Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful.” – Mark Victor Hansen
5. “It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki
6. “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha
7. “Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.” – Unkown
8. “You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself.” – Geneen Roth
9. “Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world in your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgments of others.” – Oprah Winfrey
10. “The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you’ll tolerate.” – Unknown
11. “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” – Unknown
12. “We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.” – Malcolm X
13. “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary
14. “You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” – Louise L. Hay
15. “If you don’t love yourself, nobody will. Not only that, you won’t be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with the self.” – Wayne Dyer
16. “You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.” – Dr. Robert Anthony
17. “Self-esteem is made up of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we have about ourselves. Changing anyone of these elements can change our level of self-esteem.” – Nathaniel Branden
18. “The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.” – Sonya Friedman
19. “When there is no enemy inside, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” – African Proverb
20. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
21. “The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.” – Malcolm Forbes
22. “Self-esteem is the foundation upon which all our dreams and goals are built.” – Nathaniel Branden
23. “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll
24. “You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.” – Brian Tracy
25. “Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In conclusion, self-esteem is crucial to living a happy and fulfilling life. Building and maintaining our self-esteem requires work and effort but is well worth it. Hopefully, these inspiring quotes have given you a sense of strength and empowerment to start down the path towards greater self-esteem. Remember, you are worthy and capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.


1. What does self-esteem mean?
Self-esteem refers to the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings we have about ourselves. It affects every part of our lives and is crucial to our overall well-being.

2. Does everyone struggle with self-esteem at some point in their lives?
Yes, everyone experiences dips in self-confidence from time to time. However, some people struggle with low self-esteem more often than others.

3. Can self-esteem be improved?
Yes, self-esteem can be improved with time, effort, and practice. It takes work, but it is well worth the effort.

4. Why is it important to have self-esteem?
Self-esteem is important as it affects every aspect of our lives, including our relationships, careers, and overall well-being. It is the foundation upon which our goals and dreams are built.

5. What are some ways to improve self-esteem?
Some ways to improve self-esteem include practicing self-care, setting achievable goals, changing negative thought patterns, and engaging in positive self-talk.

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