5 strategie infallibili per farsi rispettare da un uomo

5 Strategies to Command Respect from Men

As women, we have long been told that we must earn respect from men, as though it is a currency that we must pay for. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Respect is not something that we should have to barter for, or beg for – it is something that every human being deserves. However, it is true that we may not always receive the respect that we deserve, especially from men who have been conditioned to believe that they are superior. Fortunately, there are several strategies that we can use to command respect from men, without compromising our own values or beliefs.

1. Set Boundaries Early On

If you want to be respected by a man, the first step is to establish clear boundaries from the beginning. This means setting expectations for how you want to be treated, and being firm when those boundaries are crossed. If a man sees that you are willing to stand up for yourself and your values from the get-go, he will be more likely to treat you with the respect that you deserve.

2. Speak with Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to commanding respect. Men are attracted to women who are sure of themselves, and will naturally want to follow someone who exudes confidence. This means speaking with conviction, making eye contact, and using powerful body language. Practice speaking assertively until it feels natural, and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in the way that men respond to you.

3. Earn Respect from Others

One of the easiest ways to command respect from men is to already have the respect of others. If you are well-respected in your social circles, at work or in your community, men will be more likely to see you as someone worth respecting. Focus on building positive relationships with others, and you will find that this reputation will precede you.

4. Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power – and a powerful woman is one who commands respect. By educating yourself on important topics, such as politics, economics, and social justice, you’ll become a more informed and intelligent conversationalist. Men will recognize your intelligence and respect you for it. Plus, having a well-informed opinion on current events can be a great way to connect with men who share similar values.

5. Don’t Compromise Your Values

Finally, perhaps the most important strategy for commanding respect from men is to never compromise your own values. Men who disrespect you are not worth your time or energy – so if someone fails to show you the respect that you deserve, don’t be afraid to walk away. Remember that you are a powerful and valuable individual, and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

In conclusion, commanding respect from men is not about demanding it, but about setting expectations for how you want to be treated, and standing up for yourself when necessary. By speaking with confidence, earning respect from others, educating yourself on key topics, and never compromising your values, you’ll find that men will naturally gravitate towards you – and treat you with the respect that you deserve.


Q: What if someone still disrespects me despite these strategies?
A: Remember that you are in control of how you react to others. If someone disrespects you, calmly and clearly communicate that you will not tolerate that behavior, and then remove yourself from the situation if necessary.

Q: Will these strategies work for men as well?
A: Absolutely! These strategies can be adapted for anyone who wants to command respect in their personal or professional life.

Q: Why is confidence so important?
A: Confidence signals to others that you respect and value yourself, and sets the tone for how you want to be treated.

Q: Is it possible to be assertive without being aggressive?
A: Absolutely! Assertiveness is simply a way of communicating your needs and boundaries, while still respecting the needs and boundaries of others.

Q: What if I don’t feel confident in certain situations?
A: Remember that confidence is something that can be practiced and built over time. Focus on your strengths, and surround yourself with people who support and encourage you.

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